~Book - My Knitted Doll by Louise Crowther

~Book - My Knitted Doll by Louise Crowther

$47.00 NZD

Knitters will love this fabulous collection of adorable knitted dolls and their very contemporary styled clothes and accessories. There are 12 different dolls and all of the garments can be mixed and matched to create unique outfits. You can also change the doll's hair style and colour easily too, so you could go for a cute auburn bob or maybe some long blonde pigtails for your doll!

My Knitted Doll is not for the absolute beginner knitter, but it will appeal to knitters who have a basic understanding of the craft. Having said that, the instructions are presented succinctly with easy to follow diagrams, with charts for intarsia and other designs.

Once completed these knitted dolls will make fabulous presents for children who will love the attention to detail given to their fun and stylish contemporary wardrobe.

SELLING POINTS: Features very contemporary styled clothes and accessories to appeal to children and grownups. The styling and exquisite finish of the dolls is exceptional and will ensure the content stands out in the market.